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Dear Parents/Carers,

Well that’s us back to full time school and I have to say the way the children have presented themselves in the first week and a bit has been wonderful. It has been great to see them arriving into school with such a positive attitude despite the recent months of uncertainty and lockdown. What has also been a joy to see is them bedecked in the St Saviour’s Uniform. It really does give them a sense of pride and belonging in their school and this has shown in their generally excellent behaviour.  If they continue to do as well as they have in the first week I look forward to a successful year working in partnership with yourselves and the Parish. We will be trying to get the children outdoors as often as possible in the coming weeks so could I ask that waterproof jackets are worn on rainy days.

A quick remind to everyone that no school bags or packed lunch boxes should be travelling between home and school. Children should be bringing lunches and snacks in a disposable bag that should be binned at the end of lunchtime. Water bottles can be brought in but cannot be refilled in school. Bottled water is available for all children at lunchtime.

The new restrictions on entry and exits seem to be working well with only a few hiccups and I thank you for your patience as it is taking slightly longer to dismiss from Neptune Street than is usual. The Scottish Government have asked that we remind parents to socially distance when waiting at gates and to wear a mask if waiting in a crowded area for any length of time.

I am keen to revamp and increase the role of our Parent Council. A strong and vibrant Parent Council is a huge asset to any school and is a great way for me to get a feel for the parent’s points of view. I would welcome any suggestions and / or  Volunteers to help in this process. If you are interested in joining our Pupil Council please get in contact for an informal chat.

As always if there is anything you are unsure of or want to make the school aware of please contact us by phone 0n 0141 445 8904 or by e mail

Best Regards

Mr B Tracey, Head Teacher



Mrs E. Kane, Depute Head Teacher

“It has been wonderful to see the happy faces of the children reconnecting with their friends and getting to know their new teachers. We at St Saviour’s are always mindful of the mental and emotional wellbeing of the children in our care and all of our staff are committed to  supporting them through this difficult time. I am always available to talk to any child or parent who has concerns around health and wellbeing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help in any way.”


Mr L.Kane     Principal Teacher & CLOL Maths

“Welcome back to school everyone.  We hope you enjoyed your first full week back. Throughout next week the children will come home with a guidance leaflet from Glasgow Counts.  This is designed to give information to parents and carers on how to assist their children at home with the understanding of Numeracy and Mathematics.  Normally I would invite parents into school for a short presentation and demonstration, but as we are unable to do this at present I hope you find the leaflets helpful.   If you have any questions you can always contact me via the school office.”


Mrs Neilson   Principal Teacher & COL literacy

“Welcome back everyone, it’s been great to see the children back and engaged in their work. I have enjoyed visiting some classes to model writing and have been amazed at the enthusiasm and imagination of the children so early in the school year. This term I hope to work with most classes and will be focusing on both writing and talking & listening activities.


Mr Mallon   Acting Principal Teacher   Outdoor Learning & R.E. Co-Ordinator

“Outdoor learning is important to help children flourish. This session we are planning on using the outdoor areas of the school and the wider community to help develop your child's skills and knowledge in all areas of the community. You will be informed of when your child will be outdoors. Pleases ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. “Our liturgical calendar  will be slightly different this session due to COVOD 19 restrictions. Sacramental preparations will still take place but the event will possibly happen at different times. We will keep you updated about this.


Miss Sergeant,   Raising attainment & Support

“I am so pleased to be back at St Saviours working with our lovely pupils. This year I am looking forward to working with Primary 4 on a Thursday, as well as supporting across all of the classes in the school with GDSS and raising attainment.”


Primary 1 & Miss McDonald

“The boys and girls in Primary 1 have had a fantastic first week in school. They have been learning all about the different routines and have coped really well with the transition from Nursery to Primary school. They have been doing lots of Health and Wellbeing this week and have been learning about different feelings through the story ‘The Colour Monster’. The children enjoy getting to play outside with their friends at playtime and lunch time. They also like to try new foods in the dinner hall! Well done Primary 1 for settling in so well to school.”


Primary 2 & Mrs McMillan/Miss McEntee 

It is a pleasure to be working at St Saviour’s. My name is Ms McEntee and I have joined the school as a class teacher alongside Mrs McMillan. Together we will be looking after the children in Primary 2. We have been practising routines and have developed some class rules which we will be working really hard to follow throughout the year. We are learning to become confident communicators and have been spending time listening to each other and socialising after a long time away from school. We are finding ways to be calm and focused so that we can produce our best work and feel happy at school. We have some exciting activities planned and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together. If you have any concerns, we would be happy to correspond with you. 


Primary 3 & Miss Kennedy

“Hello! I’m Miss Kennedy and this is my first year in St. Saviour’s. I have settled in well and am really enjoying getting to know all of the children in Primary 3. All of the children have worked really hard this week with their revision in literacy and numeracy. We have also been doing a lot of health and wellbeing to allow us to settle into Primary 3. The children have loved seeing their friends again.  We have lots of learning planned for our first term back at school. Our topic is going to be the Egyptians. Primary 3 will be learning all about ancient history in a range of different subjects and will take part in lots of fun and interesting activities.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead in Primary 3!”


P4 & Miss McGowan

“Hello, I’m Miss McGowan and I am a new teacher at St. Saviour’s Primary School. I’m very pleased to be working with Primary 4 this year and so far, we have spent time getting to know each other and settling back into school life well. 

In Primary 4, we have lots of exciting learning experiences planned! This term our topic will be the Egyptians. Primary 4 will be learning about the history of ancient Egypt including the pyramids and the daily life in ancient Egypt.  In literacy, we are reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl for our class novel and for this term, we will be focusing on character for fiction writing and procedural for non-fiction writing. For numeracy and mathematics, we will be covering measurement, money and time and also revising addition and subtraction strategies, place-value, the times tables and skip-counting. Health and wellbeing is also a key focus this term with the children completing the ‘Life after Lockdown’ programme. 

I am looking forward to working with Primary 4 this year and I am excited for the year ahead!”


Primary 5 & Mr Prentice

“I would like to introduce myself; my name is Mr Prentice and I will be teaching Primary 5 this year at St Saviour’s Primary. I am delighted to have joined the school and would like to sincerely thank all staff and pupils for their warm welcome. I am looking forward to the challenge of helping my class achieve their full potential and hope we have a fantastic year ahead of us.  Primary 5 will continue to work hard and improve their skills in different areas of the curriculum. We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned, which I  am sure the pupils will enjoy! Our topic this term will be extreme weather. Primary 5 will be learning about how extreme weather can affect our planet and society and will be conducting an experiment to study the different stages of the water cycle.   In term 1 we will be reading ‘Hodgeheg’ as our class novel, as well as continuing to develop our comprehension and writing skills. In numeracy we will continue to develop our skills in addition, subtraction, place value and times tables. We will also focus on rounding skills and information handling. As ever, Health and Wellbeing will be a strong focus in the school and Primary 5 will continue to participate in the Jigsaw program. This will enable them to discuss their emotions and actions and develop as individuals.

Some of the Primary 5 pupils will make their first Holy Communion in September and I look forward to meeting some of you on this special occasion.”


Primary 6 & Miss Johnston

Hello, I am Miss Johnston and I am a new teacher to St Saviour’s this year. I am delighted to be the primary 6 class teacher. Over the past week I have been getting to know the children and together we are all settling back in to school life well.   Throughout the school year Health and Wellbeing will be a main focus, with pupils currently engaging in a series of lessons based on life after lockdown. We have also started our first class novel of the year, ‘A Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ by Jeff Kinney, which has been giving us plenty of laughs! Our writing focus this term for fiction will be exploring character and in non-fiction, procedural writing.  Numeracy and Mathematics lessons will include looking at money, time and measurement and mental numeracy calculation strategies. Next week we are also going to start our new topic, ‘History of Medicine’ through which we will be exploring Scottish scientists and learning more about the NHS. I have lots of exciting learning experiences planned and am very much looking forward to the year ahead.


Mrs Leitch    both Primary 7’s

“It is great to finally be back with the children for our new school year! I am delighted to be working with both of our fantastic P7 classes who are already acting like wonderful role models and have taken on different responsibilities around the school. Both classes have been settling into school life again with outdoor team building activities, class discussions and our class novel, Holes. As part of my digital role for the school, we have lots to look forward to this year digitally including more iPads across the school, 1:1 iPads for P7s and different devices to practise our computing and coding skills. St. Saviour’s children can do amazing things with technology: watch this space! “


P7a & Mr Wilkinson

“The children have all returned full of enthusiasm and have settled in really well to P7. We have already had a great start to the new term with the children taking on responsibilities throughout the school and helping out with the younger pupils, while socially distancing of course. We have enjoyed some outdoor learning exploring the tree-life around the school and will further explore the Scottish environment this term. What the children are most excited about is to write and perform a short film of a story we are in the process of creating. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but suffice to say that the children are all extremely excited to produce this.”


P7 & Miss Pye

My name is Miss Pye and I am going to be the Primary 7 teacher this year. I am new to the school and I have loved getting to know all of the wonderful pupils and staff in St. Saviour’s over the past couple of weeks!

The topic for P7 this term is Geography and the children will be learning about Scottish landscapes and weather…or should I say rain, rain and more rain! Our class novel is ‘Holes’, by Louis Sachar. We have read a few chapters of the book and the children have been very engaged. My main focus for the next couple of weeks is to ensure your children are happy and settled in school by focusing on Health and Wellbeing. We have been carrying out lots of literacy and numeracy revision activities, and we will continue to do so, until your children are ready to move onto more challenging work. 

If you have any concerns, questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school and I would be more than happy to talk to you over the phone”